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Western Star

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By Simon Teahan

This smart looking unit is owned by Abernethy Civil Ltd from East Tamaki, Auckland. Jed is the sole driver and pilots the truck around the top of the North Island. Although looking brand new the Western Star is actually a 2004 4964FX which was purchased in Hamilton four months ago.

After the rig was purchased it spent some time in the Porter Heavy Haulage yard in Hamilton. There it was fitted with extended exhausts, chrome air intakes, stainless visor, stainless headlight surrounds, the stainless plate on the bonnet and numerous other accessories.

Under the bonnet is a CAT C-15 550hp engine and according to Jed handles the loads with ease. Most of the work is hauling machinery, like the excavator pictured, for ONTRACK, which is responsible for the maintenance of the railway infrastructure in NZ.

Photos were taken at the Abernethy yard in East Tamaki. Thanks to Jed for his time and preparing the Truck.

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Photos by Simon Teahan

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