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Daryl Hutchinson's

By Dominic Teahan

Daryl Hutchinson of Tawa (located just north of Wellington) runs both of these extreme looking rigs. Daryl is a fastidious owner well known for running exemplary gear and these two units are his latest to hit the road.

The Western Star 4864 replaces a mid-rise 110" Argosy and the Raised Roof Argosy (which was purchased second hand) replaces a famous Freightliner FLB - "The Last Outlaw". Both trucks have been given special attention.

The Star comes complete with long-range fuel tanks and extended toolboxes, square headlights and stainless surrounds, clear LEDs, 15" drop visor and 7" stacks.

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Photos: Dominic Teahan
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The "Raisy" has had offset alloys fitted, new grille, stainless visor and is awaiting vertical stacks behind the big cab. To further distinguish the Argosy, murals have been added to the side of the cab and were done by Rod van Dahm of Transvisual. Both units are powered by a 620hp Cummins engine and do night runs hauling general freight with the Argosy working a day run as well.

XT asked Daryl about the change from cab-over to the bonneted Star and his reply was that he always wanted a truck with a bonnet and the Star complete with all the shiny bits seemed to be the right choice. The drivers, Daryl's sons, not suprisingly seem very happy with their new rides.

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Thanks to Daryl and sons for their time and the chance to feature two fantastic trucks. Look forward to seeing the stacks behind the big "Raisy"!

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